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Blocker Bail Bonds in Crestview, FL is located close to the jail so we can assist your family, friends, or coworkers in getting released immediately. Most bonds only require signature collateral.  

Our Services Include:  

  • Bail Bonds
  • Certification/Notary

Our Licensed Agents:

  • Darrel Blocker
  • Derrick Blocker
  • Joshua Blocker
  • Cynthia Blocker
    Ken Blocker

We are fast, efficient, and the best choice in Northwest Florida for bail bond services. We provide bail bonds of all sizes for all charges and work hard to make the process as easy as possible.

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If you, a family member,  or friend, have been charged with a crime and need help making bail, call Blocker Bail Bonds for help.

Blocker Bail Bonds

698 E James Lee Blvd
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Phone: (850) 682-5090
or: 1-800-545-3870
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